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7 Jan 2020
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Successful staging is one of the keys to selling your home as well as giving a warm welcome to potential buyers. Here is a list of helpful tips and suggestions to help stage the perfect home.

1. Boost curb appeal.

Boost curb appeal. You probably hear this all the time. This is the first aspect that is seen by potential buyers. Even if there is no appointment scheduled yet, often potential buyers will drive-by to simply see if it’s worth a look inside. A few suggestions are to pressure wash the siding and walkways, make sure house numbers are easily visible, plant blooming flowers or greenery, mow the lawn, wash windows, and repaint if needed.

2. Make sure the inside is sparkling clean.

This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s a key step to help the house make a positive impression. It’s common to hire professional cleaners to do the job to ensure the best clean possible. If it has been a rental property, this is also a very vital task.

3. Clear clutter and add tasteful décor.

When selling a house, it’s important to clear away all clutter. Cleaned surfaces and cupboards equal more space in a potential buyer’s eyes. It’s also a good idea to organize toys and the kids’ rooms. After the clutter is gone, emphasize on small additions that will make the space more appealing. Such as a vase of flowers, a bowl of lemons or fresh market produce, or unique baskets filled with items that are relative to the location (i.e. sea shells if it’s a beach property).

4. Focus on the floors.

Shiny wood floors and freshly steamed carpets are a great touch to create an inviting and clean atmosphere and to boost a potential buyer’s decision.

5. Choose the right colors.

Neutral colors such as mocha, beige, or gray create a sophisticated but impartial look that appeals to nearly everyone. It also makes it easier for the buyer to imagine their own furniture and decorations in the room.

6. Welcome potential buyers to explore the entire property.

Hang a piece of beautiful artwork or hanging lantern at the top of the stairs. Paint an accent wall visible from the hallway. Create a window seat, place a colorful rug in the hallway, or decorate an unused corner. These are all clever touches that keep the interest of potential buyers. 

7. Take care of pet odors.

This can make or break the first impression and, ultimately, the sale of the property. It’s important to steam clean all rugs and carpeted areas especially because many people have pet allergies. Also, make sure to hide pet toys and bowls during showing appointments. 

8. Design an atmosphere that reflects the interest of the potential buyer or of the location.

In a family-friendly neighborhood, a swing set, sports games, or screened porch would be great assets. If it’s a private beach home or condo, a hammock or nice Adirondack chairs would be a thoughtful touch. 

9. Don’t forget to stage the outdoors.

Although some spaces may be small, a bright tablecloth with a candle or flowers is appealing to potential buyers. A larger patio would look great with a fire pit or a generous ceramic planter.

10. Clean up all outdoor features.

Make sure the pool is vacuumed and free of leaves and debris. Sweep or blow off driveway, porches, and patios. Clean fire pit or fireplace. Having these items clean and ready to use is alluring to potential buyers.

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While staging a home can be exhausting and tedious, following these steps will help in the process of successfully selling your property as quickly as possible. At Akers Ellis, our experienced team of real estate agents would be happy to help you sell your property. Contact us for a complimentary market analysis as well as property-specific staging ideas.