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26 Jun 2019
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Vacation Rentals

During the booking process, all Akers Ellis vacation rental guests are in contact with our reservations team. This team of local experts helps find the perfect Kiawah property for our guests' needs, assists with the booking process, makes sure all guests have their gate passes and our app downloaded, and answers all questions while you prepare your vacation itinerary. What many people don’t realize is that our rental staff also includes a dedicated property management team. They complete the behind-the-scenes work to ensure a wonderful Kiawah Island experience for every vacation rental guest.

Every morning, the property management team meets in our office to discuss tasks and then disperse onto Kiawah Island to start their day. Akers Ellis has over 170 vacation rentals on Kiawah Island, so our property managers’ schedules are always full. Our property managers inspect all our villas, cottages, and homes after the departure of guests and again right before the arrival of new guests. They also build relationships with all our owners, coordinate third-party jobs to fix any issues the property might have, and oversee any projects or updates happening to the property. They ensure the housekeeping staff has completed their duties, everything in the property is working properly, items are in the correct spots, and that the rental meets our high standard for incoming guests. They even perform small yet thoughtful touches such as making sure the air is on the correct temperature, the TV is playing welcoming music, and some lights are left on for guests arriving after dark.

Property manager Rodney Smith says, “I’ve been doing this job for a little over 2 years and the amount of properties Akers Ellis has added to the program is amazing. We have grown to be such a well-established rental company with a lot of happy customers. We have everything from a quaint one-bedroom villa to a seven-bedroom oceanfront mansion, but our staff treats them all equal. We value our owners and want to ensure that their properties are being cared for well.”

Kiawah Island homeowners: If you want your piece of paradise to be managed by some of the best property managers in the business, we encourage you to give us a call.

Vacation guests: Next time you are renting with us and see a property manager in a polo shirt with our logo on the island, be sure to thank them for all the hard work they do to help create a great vacation experience.

Lastly, to our very own property managers: THANK YOU! We would not be the company we are without everyone’s amazing work ethic and dedication to Akers Ellis.