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9 Jul 2021
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Every year, vacationers visit Kiawah Island in search of rest and relaxation. The island features ten miles of beaches, five world-renowned golf courses, wildlife, dining options, thirty miles of biking and walking trails, tranquil atmosphere, and proximity to downtown Charleston. While everyone loves Kiawah's well-known attractions, it can be fun to branch out and visit new things like the observation towers, dock, nature center, and park. Explore the hidden gems of Kiawah Island for the ultimate FUN vacation! 

Kiawah Island Observation Towers

The first observation tower, located in the Vanderhorst Plantation, is named the Blue Heron Pond Tower. Climb up the spiral staircase to see 360-degree marsh and nature views. The second tower, Marsh View Tower, is in West Beach and is at the end of Marsh Hawk Lane. From the top, you can see salt-water marsh and the road that leads cars to the Kiawah entrance. Both spots should be must-sees during your trip because you will see wildlife like fish, birds, alligators, bobcats, and deer. The towers give you a safe spot to view from above.

Crabbing Dock

Off of Blue Heron Pond, a community crabbing pier exists for Kiawah visitors and residents to enjoy. In South Carolina, you do not have to obtain a license to go crabbing but if your caught crab measures more than 5 inches from point to point, you must throw it back. If you get lucky and get a good catch, you could be enjoying tasty crab dip, crab legs, and crab cakes for dinner!

Night Heron Park Nature Center

Kiawah Crabbing Dock

Night Heron Park is located in East Beach and has several fields, basketball courts, a disc golf course, and hosts several family-friendly events throughout the year. It is also home to the Nature Center where guests are welcome to see and learn about local animals. Some of the exhibits include snakes, alligators, turtles, and birds. They open at 8:30 AM and have trained employees to help answer any questions guests may have. 

Marsh Island Park

Kiawah Island Night Heron Park

Marsh Island Park is unique in the fact that it truly is its own island. The area encompasses 8.1 acres of natural habitat for a wide variety of wildlife, including bobcats. Off Governors Drive, you will have to travel by bridge over the marsh and follow a trail to get to the tower. Once on top of the tower, the views are incredible! 

Park by the Ocean Course

Visit Kiawah Island

After a long walk or bike ride out to the Ocean Course, we recommend taking a seat in one of the swings at the park right by the golf course. You will see golfers heading up to make their tee time, bikers traveling around the bike trail, and friendly walkers out for a stroll. If you have kids, bring a ball or toys and play in the field.

Visit Kiawah Island

If you are interested in seeing any of these hidden gems, we recommend renting a Kiawah Island vacation rental. Start searching for your home away from home or contact us with any questions at 888.909.8110